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Following in the footsteps of fellow Melbourne buskers such as Tones and I and Tash Sultana, Emily is a hardworking musician who built her brand performing on some of the busiest streets of Melbourne’s CBD and playing a variety of notable bars and pubs. Starting when she was just 17 Emily took to the street as an escape throughout her final High School exams, travelling to the city with her guitar, amp and a desire to prove herself. With an extensive performing background, leading her school choir as captain in 2018 and competing in acapella championships, Emily is well versed in putting on a show as a multi-instrumentalist and performer.

Lucky to call music her full time job in 2021 she plays regular gigs around Melbourne and continues to share her music and story busking, yet also prioritises her songwriting and recording. Living in a split household Emily took her first steps stumbling along to the beat of early 70’s rock from her Dad’s influence alongside the likes of early 2000’s pop from her Mum. Armed with the lyrics of Stevie Nicks and tune of Brittany Spears she is now ready to release her debut single ‘Signs’ to the world on the 28th of May with her EP set to release later in the year.



  • Single Launch at Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar - July 18th
  • Hawker Bar - 6th of May
  • Boat O'Craigo Winery - 13th of May
  • New Marker Hotel - 18th of May
  • Whole Lotta Love Bar - 27th of May


  • January 14th - Prahran Square
  • February 7th - Hawker Bar
  • February 20th - Fawkner RSL
  • March 14th - Hawker Bar
  • April 3rd - Boat Ocraigo
  • April 7th - On Top Bar
  • April 16th - Prahran Square
  • April 25th - Hawker Bar
  • Hawker Bar 16th Of May

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